German Senior Residences

For many years German wholesale investors, insurance companies and international investment funds have been investing in

German Senior Residences.

NOW you have the opportunity as well!

You can choose from various & certified residences all over Germany.

10 good reasons for investing in German Senior Residences

1) Attractive rental income of 5% return*

2) Increase of your rent linked to the cost of living index

3) Rental contract with the operator for 20 – 25 years

4) Operator takes care of renovation & maintenance

5) No contact with tenants

6) Receive your rental income monthly from the Operator

7) Continually controlled by government & health authorities

8) Title secured by German land registery

9) Hassle- free

10) Protected by German social security benefits office

Sample Calculation:
Purchase price:

129.470,00 €

Notary & registry:

land transfer tax:

3.236,75 €

6.473,50 €

Total price:

139.180,25 €

Rental income p.a.:

6.473,50 €

Management fee p.a.:

Reserves (€ 2,-/ m²) p.a.:

– 360,00 €

– 90,84 €

Net income p.a.:

6.022,66 €

Net income p.m.:

501,88 €

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This information is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer or solicitation to sell.Any offer or solicitation will be made only by the means of the companies offering memorandum.

* subject to the negotiated terms of each individual purchase